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Feature Film 

Key Makeup, “The Unholy Trinity”, Directed by Richard Gray, 2023

FX Makeup, "Eastern Western", Directed by Biliana and Marina Grozdanova, 2023
Key Makeup, “Outlaws”, Directed by Mario Van Peebles, 2022

Additional FX Makeup, "Cuisine de la ''Pocalypse", Directed by Kyle Weingart, 2022
Department Head Hair/Makeup, “The Damned”, Directed by Roberto Minervini, 2022
Key Hair/Makeup, “Broke”, Directed by Carlyle Eubank, 2021
Additional Makeup, “The Old Way”, Directed by Brett Donowho, 2021
Key Hair/Makeup/FX Makeup, “Murder at Yellowstone City”, Directed by Richard Gray, 2021

Assistant Hair/Makeup, “Last Survivors”, Directed by Drew Mylrea December, 2020

Assistant Makeup, “Please Baby Please”, Directed by Amanda Kramer November, 2020

Department Head Makeup/Hair/FX Makeup, “The Last Son”, Directed by Tim Sutton, 2020

Department Head SPFX Makeup/Hair, “Fatted Calf”, Directed by Sean Manizone, 2014

Department Head, “Mississippi Murder”, Produced by Billy Badaloto 2017 

Key Makeup, “Sooyii”, Directed by Krisztian Kery July, 2020

Hair/Makeup Design, “AWOL”, Directed by Deb Shoval, 2016 

Assistant Makeup, “You Are Not Special”, Directed by Lauren B. Martin, 2012 

FX Makeup Assistant, “Lifeform”, Directed by Brian Schiavo, 2011  

Additional Hair/Makeup, “Indiana”, Directed by Toni Comas 2017 

Additional Makeup Artist, “Puerto Ricans in Paris”, Produced by Louis Guzman 2015

Additional Makeup Artist, “Bag Boy, Lover Boy,” Directed by Andres Torres 2012  


Short Film 

Key Makeup, FX Makeup, "Man Baby", Directed by Aaron Murtagh, 2022

Key Makeup Artist “Chief Tendoy”, Directed by César Rodriguez, August 2020

FX Makeup, Makeup Artist, “Varlet”, Directed by Michael Kohlbrener, 2019 

FX Makeup, Makeup Artist, “Beauty”, Directed by Joyce Sherrí  2018

Makeup Department Head, “Naked/Spurious, Directed by Glenn English, 2016 

FX Makeup, Makeup Artist, “Eveless”, Directed by Antonio Padovan, 2016 

Key Hair/Makeup, “Two Seats Away”, Directed by Myrsini Aristidou, 2013 

Fx Makeup, Hair/Makeup Artist, “Jack Attack”, Directed by Antonio Padovan, 2012 

Key Hair/Makeup, “Jewish Girls Are Easy”, Directed by Charlotte Glynn, 2012 


Television/Live Web Cast  

Key Hair and Makeup, "Life on Our Planet", 2023

Makeup Artist, "Into the Wild Frontier", 2023

Key Hair and Makeup, "The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger", 2023

Additional Makeup, "Yellowstone" Season 5, 2022

Makeup Artist, BRAVO!, “SRSLY the Show” Pilot, 2014 

Makeup Artist Google, “Get Your Business Online” 2012 

Hair/Makeup Artist, Discovery Channel, “Revenge Italiano”, 2012 

Fx Makeup Assistant, “Anderson Cooper Show” October 31, 2012 

Makeup Artist, “Good Morning America” October 11, 2012 

Makeup Artist, “David Letterman Show” October 10, 2012  


Web Series/Commercial

Makeup/Hair Community Hospital, Once Acre Films, 2024

Makeup/Hair AVOKE, Directed by Katy-Robin Garton, March 2021

FX Makeup, Makeup Artist, Hair, “In Character with Lex Powell & Friends”, Directed by Alexis Powell 2018

Makeup/Hair, Soda Stream, Directed by Toni Comas 2015

Makeup, “Barmaids”, Directed by Brett Haley, 2014 

Makeup/Hair, Mr. Steam, Directed by Toni Comas 2014

Key Hair/Makeup, “SRSLY”, Directed by Matt Kazman for GLAMOUR, Birchbox, and Refinery 29, 2012-2013  

Key Hair/Makeup, “#hotmessmoves”, Directed by Abby Horton, 2012 


Education: Makeup Designory, New York, NY Film and Television Program: Beauty 101, Special FX 201, Special FX 301 (630 Hours). Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Montana. 

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